Natalia Grabar


First affiliation:
UMR 8163 Savoirs, Textes, Langage STL, U Lille
natalia.grabar AT

Second affiliation:
UPR 3251 LIMSI, Orsay
natalia.grabar AT

CNRS Researcher (Chargée de Recherche classe 1 CNRS) in Natural Language Processing (NLP), affiliated to the UMR 8163 STL, CNRS, U Lille and to the UPR 3251 LIMSI, CNRS, Orsay.

I studied philology in Lviv University, Ukraine and then defended the PhD degree at the Université Paris 6, France in Medical Informatics.
My research is concerned with the Natural Language Processing applied to scientific and technical texts and to terminologies. The objective is to develop linguistic and statistical methods to access information and knowledge within documents. The results are exploited within contexts related to information retrieval, information extraction and text simplification.

Languages : Ukrainian (native), French and English; Russian (almost forgot); some notions in Spanish, Polish and Brazilian Portuguese; survival notions in some other languages.

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